Android games will soon be available on Windows by 2022, through Google

Windows users will soon be able to play their favorite Android games on their own PC's. This change has been planned for the upcoming year by Google.

According to Greg Hartrell, the director of Game products on Google Play, from next year users will be able to install there beloved Google Play video games on multiple gadgets. He added that the company is excited to let users play their favorite games on the device of their choice.

Based on what Greg had to say, the Spokesperson for Google Alex Garcia told that Google had completed this project on its own without any external support such as Microsoft. One of the best feature that will be offered is that a paused game on one device can be resumed later on personal computers. The application is currently being teased at the upcoming gaming awards night and later it will be rolled out completely in 2022.

The app has been programmed for PC's with either Microsoft Windows 10 or above. Before Google shared it’s plan for the next year, Microsoft had already told that the platform will be rolling several Android applications on Windows devices. The subsystem prepared by Microsoft can run different applications through a number of sources. They also involved Amazon with them in this project, as result the users will be enabled to use the application store of Amazon.

However , since Microsoft is only working with Amazon’s support, only a limited number of games will be able to make it to the Windows PC. But, this number of applications can be increased if Google wants to. While the two giants were getting ready to bring applications on PC, the BlueStacks XD decided to go few steps ahead and as result, Web browsers will now have the ability to run android applications.

The topic was first discussed during the ongoing Apple’s trail against Epic Games, during this, a file was released with the goal to bring applications on PC and it seems like that Google is now going to be the first to bring these applications on a different platform.

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