Facebook Is Adding In A New Professional Mode For Profiles To Help Creator Grow On The Social Network

Facebook has started rolling out professional profiles for its userbase, allowing them access to a new slew of audience growing tools, along with other monetization features.

The social network has become an active hub for content creators, influencers (yes, I consider them a separate category), and business owners alike. I’d include established brands on this list, but they typically don’t have anything other than a Facebook page going for them, which isn’t relevant to professional profiles. The point is that Facebook’s growth has come so far from its roots as an online hub for university students to meet each other. Business profiles have been a thing for quite some time, spaces like Marketplace have provided users with the opportunity of selling their own items, and platforms such as Live and Gaming have given content creators more avenues for revenue and growth. Overall, it’s a pretty good time to be advertising yourself on Facebook, and the platform seems to actively recognize this as well, providing creators with more opportunities to benefit from.

The professional profiles are next in line for this list of opportunities that Facebook keeps coming up with. To be more accurate, this newest feature is called professional mode, as it doesn’t require making a separate profile. Instead, a user can just turn it on and off, switching between their normal interface and the professional one. Professional mode provides users with a new monetization stream by the name of the Reels Play bonus program. Reels, Instagram’s very popular style of short videos that were inspired by the TikTok interface, were introduced to Facebook back in September. Now, in order to entice users into making more engaging material with them, Facebook’s rolling out this creator program and providing users with the ability to earn from their hard work. Depending on how many views users are raking in, the program allows creators to earn up to USD $35,000 a month.

Facebook’s also adding in a few new editing tools for the Reels, allowing users to save drafts of their clips mid-edit, or compile multiple ones together to make a larger video. Currently, Reels on the program go up to 30 seconds, but the social network’s considering increasing length to a full minute, much like what Instagram has already implemented. It should be noted, however, that not all users are eligible for the Reels Play bonus program. Creators are being invited to the platform, for starters, and in order to be considered they must fully abide by the creator laws and guidelines that parent company Meta has published.

Professional mode also makes one’s posts under this specific mode public, allowing them to express a more influencer-style of advertising themselves, without having to set up a new page in the process. Users are also now able to access audience insights and reach, just from this profile alone.

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