Google changes its requirements for Android apps to avail its services

Health is wealth, we have all grown up listening to this famous quote and it is very right because, without it, you can't enjoy wealth if you are not in a healthy condition and Google also realizes the importance of health and the big tech is taking big steps for your health. Recently Google had to make sure that users will get the safety and precaution option in their future Android phones.

GMS or Google Mobile Service is a necessity for the Android devices. Google services have been the backbone of Android phones and have provided them with the best apps out there without which Android phones really can’t succeed.

Google mobile service is a collection of pre-installed apps on an Android device like Google Chrome, YouTube, Google Map, Netflix, and many more bundles of Apps. Some of the most essential Apps are part of Google mobile service.

Google has a set of requirements which all mobile manufacturers have to meet if they want to avail its services. Now in 2022 Google is changing some of these requirements and if manufacturers would like to be a part of GMS they have to meet those requirements that have been set by Google, as reported by Mishaal Rahman.

Manufacturers have to set a safety and emergency setting page in the devices. Every Android user will have to set the basic information about them in their mobile devices. When a user would be in a state of emergency, first aid providers could take the help from his phone and help could be called through that particular feature too.

The sub-menu of the safety and emergency page is medical information, emergency contact, and emergency SOS. As in a series of tweets from Mishaal Rehman emergency contact, emergency SoS, location services, and alerts, are now the essential part of the Google mobile service. However, most of these things were part of most android phones for years, but the good thing is this, now it's mandatory for all running and working phones and tablets. So the ones that did not have it before will need to have it now.

In Emergency contact, you can put your near and dear ones' mobile numbers, if you are in a disaster situation anyone can call your emergency contact number without unlocking your device. In the medical information menu, you have to put your blood group, allergies, and who you are, and from where you are?

Emergency SOS is new to Android 12, it's an automatic calling to emergency services of your nearby area. You will only have to press your unlock button five times and emergency workers will immediately be contacted.

Google is doing some great job and revolutionizing the world of technology and OS.

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