Data Reveals Realme To Be The Fastest Growing 5G Smartphone Brand of 2021, In A Q3 Report For Android Devices

A study by CounterPoint reveals that Realme is currently the fastest-growing 5G Android smartphone, as per a Q3 2021 report.

Android devices may not be extremely popular nowadays, with Apple hogging the spotlight with its admittedly sleek designs and fun, user-friendly features. However, there’s a lot to be said for Android in terms of flexibility and affordability for the general userbase. One can get apps more easily, Bluetooth is so much easier to work with and can transfer files across smartphones of different companies as opposed to the “Apple to Apple” approach that our fruit-forward tech giant has. At any rate, Androids are still the most sold brand of phones worldwide, even if those profits are split amongst multiple different brands, with Apple having its own iOS and therefore little competition to worry about in that regard. However, while we typically expect the likes of Samsung or Huawei to be the best performers, Realme’s starting to make some impressive waves in the marketplace.

Counterpoint’s Q3 2021 data for global 5G smartphone sales had six major brands that were plotted out. Of these brands (Samsung, Realme, Oppo, Honor, Vivo, and Xiaomi), the least year-over-year growth was displayed by Honor at a near-imperceptible 11%. While an 11% growth still displays development, the number falls short of the numbers displayed by every other brand. Samsung, with the least growth following Honor, still stood at a much larger 70%. Xiaomi displayed a year-over-year growth of 134%, Vivo enjoyed a 147% growth, and Oppo did pretty well with a solid 165%. Clearly most of the 5G supporting Android brands outdid themselves this year. However, Realme didn’t just outdo itself; rather, it left the competition so deep in the dust that the results are both impressive and mildly worrying. Realme saw a year-over-year growth of not 100%, not even 200%, but a whopping 831%! That’s the sort of competition that you’re just compelled to develop a grudging form of respect for.

Realme’s main regions via which such a strong, receptive customer base blossomed include India, China, and Europe. This is especially remarkable since India doesn’t even have widespread 5G, with only a few large cities testing the technology out. This means that the general populace is already so hyped for 5G coverage across the nation that they bought smartphones in advance.

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