Meta banned 7 suspicious entities from its platform accused of targeting the users personal information

Meta has banned cyber mercenary companies, for spying on sensitive details of its users. Well, it is an accepted fact that criminals have new ways to harm people through social networking sites. I am pretty sure that many of you have been a victim of scams on this giant social platform, by receiving suspicious links to infect the device and target your personal information. It is recently reported that about 50,000 users that can be easy victims for this surveillance of hire firms are alerted by the Meta.

We all are aware of the fact that the social media company always adheres to its policies and takes serious action towards its breachers.

Meta disabled seven companies named BelltroX, cobwebs technologies, Cytrox, Cognyte, Black cube, Blue Hawk, and an unknown entity from China, who were claiming to work in a favor of its users and save them from social crimes. But after a long investigation, Meta caught their malicious activity where they were targeting celebrities, politicians, and human rights activists by manipulating their accounts and devices in more than 100 countries. The company providers were actively working from India, China, Israel, and North Macedonia.

These entities work on a proper plan where they build connections with their targets to seek their personal information, account, and other sensitive details. The first step of the surveillance chain is Reconnaissance where they use software to collect the data of their targets from the internet or using fake ids. After collecting the possible details they come to the engagement phase and try to connect with the people by building trust and establishing communications. After showing the sign of credibility, the provider sends them the link of their domain which can easily trick them into disclosing all their details related to their personal or financial accounts. According to Meta, the community is working hard to protect the people from cyber mercenaries. Earlier they also sued NSO Israel-based group, Pegasus whose targets were journalists and iPhone users. Now not only Facebook, but Instagram also seems to be affected by these activities.

The actions are not limited to hacking the accounts. These companies are trying to sell their spying software to promote this activity all around. However, researchers firmly believe that it is not challenging for these companies to show up again with the advancements. After all, we are living in this technological period.

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