Creative Cloud Express, a Canva-inspired design tool, has been released by Adobe

The famous software company, Adobe has been playing an important role whenever it comes to editing media. From rolling out it’s famous Adobe Photoshop back in 1990 to unveiling its latest mobile phone and web application recently this year. The application has been named as Adobe Creative Cloud Express.

The main objective behind this new service is to attract content creators from different platforms such as TikTok or Instagram and other such social media sites. These creators, either beginners or professional can modify their media as per their own requirements. Adobe also gave more than 1000 of templates that can be used directly on any form of media content.

According to the statement given by Scott Belsky, the Chief Product Officer, the new application can let users customize content to great levels and in order to give a final touch to the end product, the system also takes help from Sensei Artificial Intelligence of Adobe.

Apart from offering multiple templates, it also enables the user to get Stock pictures from Adobe Stock, other than this, users can also get in touch with other users via syncing up their projects or sharing library with each other.
This Creative Cloud Express has been programmed efficiently through which the time taken to edit any content can be minimized. It offers recurrent colors and typeface so it can be used for another content. As a result, users can utilize the services of this application according to the platform on which the media needs to be uploaded.

At the time of unveiling ceremony of the application, the software company hired non professional designers and asked them to sell their products, this was done to show how easy it is to use the Cloud Express, even for the beginners.

Before Cloud Express was released, Adobe had rolled out a similar application named as Adobe Spark that was supposed to perform the actions now being done by Cloud Express. However, the company could not get much out of it at that time, but now as per Adobe, the application has been prepared by keeping previous such applications in mind. Hence, it can be expected that Adobe Creative Cloud applications no longer holds Adobe Spark on the list as it has now been replaced with an upgraded version.

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