Burnout is real, but Bill Gates has happened to have avoid it all this time

Burnout is a common term we hear these days. The feeling of fatigue, the lack of motivation to do or go to work, and sometimes the efforts it takes to get out of bad all conclude this term. In short, it can be termed along the lines if depression and anxiety.

Workplace stress and burnout is quite common among the generation and those currently in the work force. Not all but most of the people in current generations, work to live and live to work, and this is kind of worrisome.

Many people have a fixed routine. Wake up, go to work, come home, eat, sleep and repeat. However, while having a scheduled day is important where you know what you have to do, a continuously repeated day isn’t okay at all.

This is because having the same exact routine, excludes the thrill out of your life and doing the same thing over and over again makes you lose interest in your job.

While burning out is a common occurrence in many people, one of the top entrepreneurs in the world, has always claimed that he won’t get burnout.

Bill Gates who started his career and his own company at a mere age of 20 and launched Microsoft, in an interview at the age of 28 stated that he is sure he won’t feel burnout.

Fast forward to today, when the CEO is 66 years old, he still isn’t tired of the baby he created at 20. Nor he gets burn out. When questioned about what was the secret behind this, Bill stated that he never has a fix routine, so every day is a new day for him at Microsoft.
According to him, there are new meetings, new clients, new projects and new customers to tackle every day and hence it gives him and his employees a broader creative horizon.

Burn out is quite easily identifiable and hence when you encounter it, it is important that you stop and think once and change your routine. If you can’t change your routine, there are other ways to tackle burn out too.

Lastly, it is important to take care of yourself and make you a priority first.

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