Steve Jobs' Advice to Change Your Perception of Life

According to Steve Jobs, there is only one thing that can distinguish a successful individual from others. He claims that the powerful decision wrapped in a simple word can change a person’s life.

Initially, he himself also struggled. But he never gave up and believed in himself and his ability to be successful in the future. He kept himself challenged, along with those who worked for him to work harder and smarter that ultimately enabled them to accomplish their goals.

Steve Jobs says that you have to put your trust in something – whether it’s your destiny, creator, life, karma, gut – anything that will let you progress in life. He himself claims to follow the same protocol and it has made all the difference in his life.

Start without looking back!

Steve Jobs' Advice to a young entrepreneur: You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.  You have to trust in something -- your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.

One of the biggest obstacles that come in our way of success is that we usually develop a comprehensively detailed plan – where we measure every step and ordain every success. However, managing such plans is impossible and this is why most of us hesitate to achieve our dreams.

Jobs knew plans are never perfect and that is why he didn’t make any!

He believed that people eventually find success by trying different things. Lots of them. At some, they fail but succeed at others. The combination of successes and failures made him realize his true worth.
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Steve Jobs advice for all aspiring individuals – whether they want to start a business, improve their health, or change careers – ‘keep going and trust yourself!’

He encourages all individuals to have trust regardless of the roadblocks and challenges. Ultimately, the failures will make a person wiser, enabling them to make better decisions in the future.

Of course, success is never guaranteed but if you have trust that the future holds some potential – there is definitely a guarantee that you will never be unsuccessful.

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