Apple Has Introduced A New Tracker Detector App To Android Devices, Allowing Users To Identify Tracking Devices In Their Vicinity

Apple has introduced a new Tracker Detector app, allowing users on Android devices to keep a track of their things, and more importantly, see whether or not someone is following them.

An Apple-developed application, on the Google Play Store, on an Android device, localized entirely within this planet? Can I see it? Simpsons references aside, this does seem like a rather odd crossover episode. No one really ever expected to see The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad cross over with each other, even if both shows were on AMC at the same time, there’s just a level of coherence that won’t be achieved. However, it’s done, it’s happened, and honestly? The results aren’t too bad, even if they do come across as a snide jab towards Android Devs and their relatively lax privacy practices in the face of everything that Apple’s done for its users.

AirTags are tracking devices produced by Apple, allowing users to keep track of where important things are. Wallets, keys, luggage, and other such items which can easily be lost in the daily rush of life can now be kept even safer than before: all one has to do is stick a tiny disk-shaped tracker onto these personal belongings, and now they’re safe! Unless, of course, said belongings were stolen by a rather quick-witted thief, who decided to ditch the suspicious looking black circle jutting out of them. That would be a bummer, but regardless, AirTags are quite a useful addition to Apple and its arsenal of devices and technological improvements. Now, however, as with all forms of accessible and commercialized technology, there are ways that users of ill-intent can exploit them.

In this case, the risk factor takes the form of creeps. Essentially, user concerns go around the lines of whether or not it’d be possible for some random individual to sneak an AirTag onto their person, either via slipping it into a purse or tagging a bag. The worst of humanity has constantly displayed that it will adhere to no moral boundaries in the interest of acting like, well, the worst of humanity. Therefore, Apple developed a workaround with its Tracker Detecter app. Now, any and all AirTags or other compatible devices within one’s vicinity will be identifiable to a user.

The Detecter’s addition to Android is a way that Apple can essentially cover its own tracks, attempting to make sure that no liability can be traced back to the company. However, on the surface, it appears as if the company’s just being considerate of all users who can potentially be exposed to such a personal security risk.

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