Meta's new AR effects creation tools are now available for more beta testers

After the announcement of Meta, one of the most important task is to bring audience towards it. Currently, Meta is working to get content creators towards itself. To make this happen, the Spark AR Go application has now been made available in the beta version for the Augmented Reality system. This application allows users to form their customized AR effects for different platforms.

While talking about this application, Meta added that it is an iOS based application meant for users who are into effects content creation, meme generation, indulged with other media forms such as photography or arts, can use this application to represent their vision in a more creative manner. They can make their own brand as well with the help of this. As a result, these users will be able to attract more followers.

Spark AR was previously known as Polar, later the name was changed so that it can get in line with the Augmented Reality theme of this new platform. Mark Zuckerberg, the Chief Executive Officer of Meta has also used the application by himself while making the announcement that the application is open in the beta version.

This application has been loaded with templates that can be used by users. Making an AR has become an easy task due to the available templates, as a result, not only professional artists, but even the non professional ones can make an AR of their own and post it on their social media account.

Spark AR Go can face some competition with Snapchat's Lens Studio. This is why Meta has been trying to ensure to keep things simple on the application so that the users can have a smooth experience while using it. As a result, the audience will begin shifting towards this new application.

Despite having all the sources available, Meta is still relying on other applications for its own development. Instead of having a campaign of it’s own, Meta is mirroring features to stay ahead.

One important task that still needs to be done by Meta is to regain the spot it had among Young users. The recent steps that are being taken by the platform could play an important role to bring young users back on-line with this platform. If this happens, with the help of Spark AR Go, Meta can become the leading AR tool provider, which can give rise to an updated AR Spectacles in the future .

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