5G users of Great Britain and the US shared their views on digital experience

5G is the future of mobile networks. It is still not fully available to everyone and only few 5G supported devices have been launched but still it aims to provide great benefits to its users by giving them more stable with high availability Internet.

Recently a survey was conducted by the famous online research and data analytic firm, YouGov. The main agenda behind the survey was to collect the reviews of 5G users that whether they believe having 5G has made things more faster or not. The survey was held in the United States of America as well as in the Great Britain.

In light of this survey, it was seen that only a quarter of the British users believed that 5G had made their online experience much better. In comparison to the results obtained in Britain, it can be seen that almost half of the 5G users in the US, finds it better.

Those who are still not sure about the advantages linked with 5G are almost in the same proportion in both US and Britain.35 percent users of the United States and 36 percent of the Britain still couldn’t make up their mind. This could be due to the fact that 5G is available for only a limited number of smartphone models.

Every one in five for the United States and two in five for 5G users in Great Britain believes that 5G has not given them any better online experience. By bringing in the age factor, the young 5G users in Britain agreed with the benefits received by the service but on the other hand, the older users couldn’t feel much of a change, almost 13 percent users with age above 55 were able to enjoy a better online experience.

On the basis of gender, the survey showed that the Male 5G users of the Great Britain (31 percent)were most likely getting more benefits then the female users (20 percent). The same scenario could also be seen in the United States, where young users felt improved Internet speed as compared to the older users. However, as compared to the gender ratio in Britain, the gender ratio of the United States was almost at the same level of agreement.

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