YouGov conducts a survey on the approach of users and brands towards TikTok and YouTube

TikTok and YouTube both are the leading video consuming and hosting platforms currently on social media. Considering this, YouGov surveyed users’ responses and concluded a result which showed how often users came online, how they engaged and how brands have utilized these two platforms over the years.

The results showed that on YouTube 60 percent of the users came on the platform twice a day, while on TikTok 54 percent did. Among this figure some even claimed to have come on the app up to ten times a day. 18 and 19 percent users for both TikTok and YouTube respectively stated to have come online once or multiple times a week. The least numbers were 6 percent on TikTok and 2 on YouTube which said they popped on the app less than once a month.

In comparison to which platform receives the most contribution in terms of content or uploads, TikTok took the win. Daily TikTok users were most likely to post a picture, video or engage in any sort of way than the daily YouTube users. This is natural though because on YouTube people mostly consume content, and sometimes even forget to drop a like, while on TikTok scrolling through short videos people are more likely to double tap on the one they like.

When the reason for what drew them to the app was asked, many claimed it to be live streams (73 percent TikTok and 63 percent YouTube).

The categories which gained the most votes was concerts and performances with TikTok holding 33 percent in this category and YouTube gaining 20 percent. This was followed by how to do’s and tutorial videos which had 23 percent of TikTok interest and 19 percent of YouTube interest.

Apart from this, TikTok while previously weren’t picked up by marketers and advertisers for branding or marketing, the times have changed. The short video platform is now being used by brands to market their products and display advertisements. They also now collaborate with influencers to showcase their products etc. Same goes for YouTube, where advertisements are being played on each video.

The two social platforms are great in terms of entertainment and over the years have developed some impeccable features which has doubled over its quality. The success it has reached today is truly deserving in all means.
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