Instagram Adds A Bunch Of New Features To Its Interface, Including Editing Carousels, A New Like Sticker, And A Delete Your Account Option

Instagram is adding the ability to delete individual posts from Carousels. The platform’s also experimenting with a new interface for profiles, a delete your account button, and a Like sticker for tagged accounts in Stories.

Okay, a lot of information to break down, so let’s get down to brass tacks. Carousels are receiving a lot of popularity with users across the board on Instagram, but a common complaint was that once uploaded, specific posts couldn’t then be edited out. Retrospect is an important aspect of social media, and is honestly why many of us still scroll through our Instagram profiles and delete old, unsavory photos. Sometimes a picture’s uploaded by accident, or someone else asks it to be taken down. Whatever the reason, users would previously have to remove the entire Carousel and then re-upload it. Well, no longer, since Instagram is working on the ability to delete specific posts from them. If you’re unhappy with either one or a few other posts, they can now be freely kicked out. The revelation comes from an Instagram video posted by platform head Adam Mosseri.

In a video post Mosseri also reveals a new Rage Shake feature, via which if a user shakes their phone in situations of major annoyance or distress, then the platform will ask you what the problem is and provide a solution.

The platform, as per Alessandro Paluzzi, is also working a new Delete Your Account button, which will probably serve as a sigh of relief to some users across the globe. Getting too addicted to your Instagram profile? Well, great! You can now be entirely done with the process by deleting your profile. No messages, no late notifications, no nothing. The account ceases to exist, and everyone has fun since they’re no longer being scrutinized under a public microscope by other users.

Instagram’s also been experimented with a new interface, as spotted by Hammod Oh (via @MattNavarra), that brings tiny changes to the overall look of a profile. The look is a little stripped down, with Highlights having more simplistic icons, and the posts, followers, and following metrics being rearranged vertically next to a user’s profile photo.

Finally, there’s the new Like sticker. It can be added to a user’s story in any capacity that they prefer, but will probably be used to signal posts, articles, and/or users that the community should check out and like. It’s a nice way of showing support to other users and their content on the platform, and would still make for a cute sticker even if it isn’t used in this capacity.

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