WhatsApp will now make it easier for users to end conversations and send cute stickers, finds a new update in their beta version

You know how in the past when you were talking to someone online and the conversation got lengthy without the two of you enjoying it, but didn’t know how to end it? Well, that problem was fixed a while back when many social platforms introduced a message reaction feature. The feature consisted of a number of emoji’s which could be used to react to a message of the sender. The feature was so well adopted that it unknowingly and unconsciously became the symbol of ending conversations.

While most platforms like Instagram, Messenger had this feature, one of the biggest online social chatting app, lacked it. Yes, we are talking about WhatsApp.

WhatsApp, however, now has jumped the bandwagon. The company is launching two new features, and one of them is the message reaction button, reports WABI.

According to the evidences of updates collected in August, the beta version of WhatsApp contained a message that the company was launching a reaction info pane which would give the sender a glimpse of how well the receiver had reacted to their message.

Users must be glad to hear it, considering now conversation could be ended in a more un-awkward way, specially the introverts.

The beta version currently only mentions the test to be done on iOS operated devices, but if things goes well, Android will soon be receiving the feature too.

However, WhatsApp isn’t leaving its users with only this feature this holiday season, but it also is introducing another new update to an already existing feature. We all know how strong the sticker game has gotten on WhatsApp since the tech firm introduced it a while back.

WhatsApp stickers currently have to be downloaded in your WhatsApp keyboard before you can attach it and send it to someone else. However, the company is now working towards a more convenient way, as spotted by WABI. You know you can forward messages on WhatsApp through a cute tilted arrow, you might be able to do it with stickers as well.

The company in its beta update showed the development of a feature that when you send or receive a sticker, you will be shown a forwarding arrow in front of it. Tapping on which you can directly send that particular sticker to your desired contact, without having to download it.

The tech firm is working through some minor changes that will defiantly make some major impacts and we cannot wait to see what else they will be introducing in the near future.

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