WhatsApp Is Widely Rolling Out The Ability To Make Stickers From Scratch On The Platform’s Web Client

WhatsApp’s web client has recently introduced a feature via which users can create their own original stickers using photo editing tools on the platform.

WhatsApp’s GIFs and stickers have really helped bring more levity and breadth to conversation on the platform. Stickers, especially, are a rather fun way of conversing with each other since they can be personal, funny, and play perfectly into the reaction pictures that our generation of netizens are quite fond of. Too busy to whip up a meme on the spot? Well, stickers can keep the template readymade beforehand. It’s a fun feature, and it’s been used to creative excess by WhatsApp’s very active userbase. Between stickers and GIFs, which also features a rather extensive library of content that users can employ in chat, conversations in WhatsApp have the potential of being really fun and connective.

WhatsApp Web and desktop, however, are a bit more barebones than the mobile platform is. This makes sense, of course, since Web and the desktop version are seen as secondary and conveniences at best. WhatsApp is a medium that was, much like Instagram, built for mobiles first and computers second. However, Web has been enjoying a lot of online attention since it really is very convenient to be able to operate WhatsApp on your laptop screen. No longer does one have to worry about missed calls or messages during work, they can show up on one of the tabs in your laptop’s browser. Of course, since Web’s gaining so much traction and usage, WhatsApp is trying to give it an extra boost to improve the overall user experience as well. Part of this initiative is allowing Stickers to be created online.

Stickers could be previously used on the platform, but this is the first time that users will be able to make them from scratch and on the spot. The process is relatively simple, and requires nothing more than having a picture that needs to be turned into a sticker on the desktop. By going to the stickers interface and choosing to upload a new one, users are sent to the editing space, currently there are two ways web users can create stickers, first is clicking on the Emoji icon and then by opening the Sticker tab and secondly right from Attachment menu. In the Sticker editor, a picture can be put up for cropping, readjusting, background and/or element removals, and the addition of other emojis and elements. Overall, it’s a very extensive addition that works very well for its own confines.

The feature’s already being rolled across multiple regions on WhatsApp Web. In one week’s time, the feature will reportedly also be added to the desktop app version of WhatsApp.

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