It would be a good start of 2022: Apple to introduce its most awaited AR headsets

10 years of research were worth it: Apple’s hundred employees are working on a secret research unit focusing on Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). Reports from the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo suggested that in the upcoming ten years, Apple needs to sell at least one billion devices supporting AR.

The Cupertino giant is yet to confirm the introduction of its AR and VR headsets. However, the details provided by Macrumors demonstrate that according to Kuo’s prediction it will be the fourth quarter of 2022 when Apple will reveal its plan for launching the new powerful headsets.

There are high possibilities of the rumored AR headset to resemble features as that of Mac. Additionally, it holds the capability of independently supporting a wide range of applications. To operate, It won’t need the support of a Mac or an iPhone.

Kuo is reported to have said that two chips could be used to power Apple’s AR headset: the powerful one to resemble last year’s Mac M1, and the other one to manage sensors. Along with two Sony 4k micro-OLED displays, it could also support Virtual Reality (VR).

To provide its AR with its own ecosystem, the company could choose to position it independently of its own devices like Mac and Phone, believes the analyst. Interestingly, the desired computing power by the headset would be more than that of an iPhone that requires three simultaneously running optical components. It has chances of requiring as many as at least six to eight modules.

Nonetheless, Bloomberg and the Information have predicted that Apple is working on two major projects: mixed reality (AR and VR) and augmented reality (smart glasses). Followed by the glasses, the headset is expected to be introduced at first.

It is said that the headset shares resemblance with that of Facebook’s Oculus Quest virtual reality headset. The only visible difference in Apple’s headset is its sleeker design built with lightweight material and fabrics, keeping the customer’s comfort in mind.

That’s Jaw-dropping! The headset will feature two eye-detecting cameras with high-resolution 8k displays. It will enable users to see people standing far and near the virtual objects and also allow them to read minute type. The current devices will not be able to compete for their headphones; in measuring the most accurate dimensions, surfaces and edges. It will also have a faster chip as compared to the M1 processer in 2020 Macs, along with an advanced display.

The Company’s analyst is also found to have mentioned that the imminent project will include a total of 15 optical camera components.

The technology giants aim to make an online e-commerce shop at the App store, for selling its headphones that will mainly focus on gaming and video content. Bloomberg described it as a fully 3-D environment for gaming, communicating, and viewing videos.

It is said that the current headphones weigh around 200 to 300 grams which the company aims to reduce to 100 to 200 grams; after looking over the technical difficulties.
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