WhatsApp was rumored into creating a concept called Community may actually be taking some major steps towards it

WhatsApp is the leading platform when it comes to online chatting and messaging other forms of media. The platform has over 2 billion users worldwide and despite some mishaps in the beginning of the year, it still has managed to remain strong on the download and usage charts.

The messaging application is one of the leading on the chart, which ultimately means it always is trying to bring new features for its users. However, most of the times, even before WhatsApp officially comes forward to talk about its new features that will be launched, the updates and features get leaked by independent app researchers. This is because some great tech savvy and computer geniuses dive into the coding and find such hidden information.

Something like this happened when WhatsApp was working on a feature called 'Community.'

While nothing was confirmed when the information of community feature was brought on the surface, looks like the work is actually in action. A while back XDA developers found that WhatsApp had an encrypted code for a feature called community which typically resembled the group. When this leak came out to the world, everyone was curious as to what it is and many believed that it may be a replacement to groups. However, the questions have now been answered.

The new findings on Community was found by WABetaInfo which revealed that the Community is not a replacement for groups, but the feature which will give creators to form another group within a specific group.

Admins will invite people to these community groups through links and the chats similar to WhatsApp working will be end to end encrypted. However, while not much has been released about community we for sure know one thing which will differ the community to groups. It is the profile picture on both.

While the profile picture on groups or normal individual’s conversation on WhatsApp appears in a circular shape, when you see it from outside, the image of the community will appear in square shape with rounded corners. This wasn't something WhatsApp wanted to release but it mistakenly enabled this format back in October, however currently it has been disabled again.

From what people believe Community may be a way for WhatsApp in trying to limit the distance it has created in users trust because of the events that happened earlier this year.

However, WhatsApp has clarified about its data sharing and stated that the chats will remain end to end encrypted no matter what.

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