As Per Last Month's Data These Are The Most Downloaded Apps Across The Apple App Store And Google Play

SensorTower has recently made its list of top apps worldwide for the month of October, 2021, which reveals a lot of understandable placements and some surprise entries.

The list of top applications is assembled by compiling download data across the App Store and Google Play Store, which constitute the majority of app downloads across both iOS and Android devices. The most downloaded apps, also constituting the top apps, are then segregated into three separate categories according to downloads: a top ten list consisting of the most downloaded apps across the board; a top ten list of the most downloaded apps from the App Store (for iOS apps); and finally, the top ten most downloaded apps from the Google Play Store (for Android apps). Now, let's take the time to go through the entries, commenting on some of the more interesting entries on our list.

To absolutely no surprise, TikTok was the most downloaded app across both app stores, and also held that number one position on the App Store rankings. While not number one on the Play Store, it still enjoys a comfortable number three spot. It all adds up, really; TikTok is considered to be the youth's darling, and even their most definitive pop culture feature. Imagine having an app define an entire generation, much like hippie culture did the 70's, or Saturday morning cartoons did the 90's. Following on the number 2, 3, and 4 positions are what I like to call the Meta trio: Instagram at number two, Facebook at three, and WhatsApp at four. Instagram and Facebook also hold the number one and two positions on the Play Store respectively.

Apple holds a stronger audience in the West than it does elsewhere, and the West is also a locale that is oversaturated, and frankly, done with the likes of Facebook and WhatsApp. On the other hand, a platform like TikTok has seen extensive bans outside of the West, with major audiences such as India and much of the Middle East outright prohibiting TikTok usage. That can explain its falling down a couple of rungs in the Play Store category.

Meesho's a funny entry on our list. The application holds the number eight position on the top ten apps across both app stores list. However, it is completely absent from the App Store listings, and only holds number seven on the Play Store. This goes to show what a massive audience Android devices have, since one low ranking application that wasn't even considered important in the App Store ranking system still made it to the overall top ten.

In other unsurprising news, Telegram, Snapchat, and Messenger continue to do well, holding the number five, six, and seven spots across the board. All three, however, are only found on the Play Store top ten, as App Store decided to simply not bother themselves.

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