WhatsApp to release two new features including fast forwarding audio messages and improved delete for everyone option very soon

WhatsApp is definitely one of the largest social messaging platform in the world. It provides a great medium for users to interact with their friends and families.

The social network for sure has brought in the best of features every time for its users. Recently, it launched a feature which saved the lives of many in terms of time.

Do you have friends that send long voice notes which you dread to hear because of its length? Well, WhatsApp launched a feature which provided the ability to fast forward those voice notes from 0.5 to 2x speed.

Now, the company is working towards the same feature in audio messages, reports WABI.

Audio messages are basically forwarded voice notes and the company did not provide the ability to fast forward them until a test version was discovered in Beta.

It looks like WhatsApp is working on the ability to fast forward these audio messages as well now. The test is currently in beta version and we are sure that it soon will be making its way to the public.

Apart from this, WhatsApp is also working on expanding the limit for deleting messages for everyone. The company currently allows users a time of 1 hour 8 minutes and 16 seconds to delete a message for everyone. However, according to the new beta data, it seems like the company will be expanding the limit.

According to WABI, users will be able to delete message for everyone despite, however old they are.

The two updates seem great and we cannot wait to see when it makes it way globally for the public.

However, the company hasn't released the time frame when it will release these features. WhatsApp from what we are aware of has the tendency to test all beta features until they are one hundred percent sure about it and hence, neither us nor the company can state when it will be released right now.

Can’t wait for the new features and all those that are yet to come!

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