Twitter is always bringing innovation to its app - the social network is planning to launch its Reply downvotes feature

Let’s see what’s new! The social media giant Twitter is testing its new feature: up and down votes on its iOS users. This will help the company to detect the kind of replies that are appropriate.

The news was confirmed by Jane Manchun Wong’s post on the app. The Tweet indicated 3 options under the title of the introduction of reply downvotes that also included the option of giving feedback to make the app a better place where high-quality content is prioritized.

The screenshots that recently popped out show that the feature is an imitation of Facebook’s thumbs up and down feature. The company says that ‘downvotes’ will not affect the order of replies, and not be available to other users for the time being.

Twitter has been working on this for the past year: its product lead Kayvon Beykpour gave it a trial by saying that the platform is exploring this feature.

The real question is that the upvoting and downvoting feature that is also available on many other apps will also work for Twitter to make the in-app interaction entrancing.

The public has different views on it. Some believe that it is a good opportunity to privately comment their opinion without letting openly humiliate others.

Currently, Twitter allows the users to hide the individual replies, however, if anyone wishes to read, he may need to click.

Every new feature sets Twitter apart from its competitor giants and makes it easier to reach more audiences by making its app more feasible for people to use.

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