WhatsApp Is Rolling Out Business Profile UI For All Accounts, And Is Also Including New Contact Notifications For Business Profiles

WhatsApp is rolling out a new UI for contact information which was previously only accessible to Business profiles. In other news, the platform’s new contact warning has also been slightly tweaked.

Business profiles on WhatsApp have been getting a lot of attention nowadays. Perhaps this is because these profiles are still relatively new to the platform, and they’ve already received a lot of positive reception. WhatsApp is a major form of communication across the world nowadays, and what with e-commerce being further and further commoditized by technology, this platform seems like the next big step for retail to take. No need to spend time on Messenger, chasing specific retailers. The same application that can be, and is used to contact family members and/or friends on a regular basis can also be used to contact businesses, place orders, and further inquire about products and prices. The entire rigmarole of dealing with retailers is made very easy, and WhatsApp wanted to double down on this entire premise. Thus, come in the new contact UIs.

The updated UI made for Business profiles didn’t really add any additional new features as much as it just tweaked the overall look of presented information. A user’s status is the first thing that greets other users going through profiles; media is more prominently and clearly visualized than before with larger icons; and more relevant tools such as muting notifications and media visibility are given larger and clearer fonts to work with. These are very minor quality of life changes that still gave the overall impression of Business profiles looking more professional than the average profile. However, now the average profile can look like this as well! Beta testing has begun for all WhatsApp profiles receiving the updated UI treatment, and while only certain regions can currently see the new changes, one can expect them to roll out across the world in mere months.

The second change that WhatsApp has made is about contact warnings, as spotted by WABI. Contact warnings are issued by the platform in cases of new profiles messaging users. If their contact hasn’t been added before, users are informed of this via a notification card at the end of the chat, inviting users to either add the contact or block them. This feature has now been expanded to include Business profiles as well, ensuring that users can maintain their safety from all forms of messages and potential threats online.

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