Google is giving users the ability to delete their data from individual sites from settings, while removing the ability the to decline cookie collection

Google Chrome is without any doubt the leading browsing platform, with its roots expanded around the globe. The search engine is users number one choice to get access into the world of internet and holds the answer to a lot of their questions.

The company realizes the responsibility it holds and the importance it has in its users’ life. Hence the tech firm is always working hard, introducing new features and brining about changes to make user experience far better and easier on the search engine.

The company yet again has brought two massive changes to its Chrome browser. Google will soon be providing users the ability to delete the data the sites store when they visit them as well as delete off individual cookies.

The new Chrome 97 beta version has brought with itself a variety of new tools and one of them happens to be the ability to delete the storage data from sites. When users visit a website, it stores some particular data about you or what you searched on that site.

Some users are conscious about even little data storage like this, and while previously they couldn’t do anything about to. Google now provides them a way to erase the data.

All, users will have to do, is go to ‘Settings’, tap on ‘Privacy and Security’, then ‘Site Settings’ and lastly ‘View permissions and data stored across files.’

Data will be deleted immediately. However, this feature is currently in its beta version which means very few people have access to it and it hasn’t made its way globally to all yet.

Apart from this, the company is now removing the ability to delete cookies. When you visit any site, that particular site asks you that it collects cookies, and gives you two option either to accept or delete it. When a user accepts the cookie collections, the site gathers some data and provides the users related data of what they were looking for, while whenever a user deletes the collection request the search is about messed up and jumbled for the web to understand what you want.

Hence Google is removing the delete option all together to gives sites easiness into providing you with content and making you experience online a rather smooth one.

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