Users get scammed and their crypto’s get stolen by a new hacking method through Google Ads

Cryptocurrency has been in hype in the recent years, with online currency taking over the world and its worth increasing massively. However, one thing which is also taking over the world is hacking and stealing online. With these two factors combined a lot off loss is expected and that is what has happened recently.

Check Point Research (CPR) concluded that a new way hackers are stealing cryptocurrency and that is through Google Ads. The scam has managed to steal cryptocurrency for over thousands of dollars and the current information revealed that this is happing through links appearing Google Ads.

The hackers are placing ads on top of a Google search which are acting to be popular crypto wallets Phantom and MetaMask. They are then tricking users in giving up their crypto account access. Once they get access to your wallet they take up all your money leaving you scammed. Checkpoint has estimated that the hackers has stolen almost $500K just in a matter of days. The amount shows how rapidly they are stealing and how easily users are falling in the trap.

Check Point revealed that hackers on top of the Google Search send an ad like of a crypto wallet. Users believing it to be authentic tap on the ad which contains a malicious link, once users reach that the hackers ask them to put in their wallet information and then steal their information and money, leaving them stranded.

Crypto is one of the leading online money in the world right now and its demand is increasing day after day. Losing such huge amounts within a matter of minutes because of a lure from the hacker and one wrong thoughtless move by you can cost you millions as in a case which Check Point discovered. It discovered four accounts whose crypto has been stolen. The estimated of the stolen crypto happens to be in between 1000 to 10’000 US dollars on average.

Hacking has become a common trait now and hackers are coming up with new ways. It is essential for everyone to be alert and use the internet with an open mind and not to open links and websites which seem suspicious.

Photo: scyther5; iStock by Getty Images
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