Taking you to your destination Google Maps proceeds with its journey, surpasses 10 billion downloads on Google Play Store

Indeed the Google maps exceptional navigational services solidify the first stance on the mapping indexes.

Taking successfully and securely one to its designated place, Google Maps has now attained the ten billion installations on the Google Play application.

The ample downloads depict it as the most popular and favorite navigation application among users since it has been inducted ten billion in Android devices. This makes it stand as the top 3rd app following Google's Play store and YouTube as the application surpassing more than ten billion installations.

However, according to a previous report by android police, the platform accomplished its five billion downloads back in 2019, March. Since then, it has acquired the rest 5 billion in just two years.

Considering that there are limited options for free online navigating assistance apps as efficient and accurate and updated as Google maps.

It has become a basic essential no matter which portable operating system one acquires. It is important to have smart solutions to the modern issues of the smart world.

Google maps have entered the fraternity of applications possessing more than ten billion installations.

Maps are already nestled on the mobile devices as an element proposed by Google mobiles but one must note, that do not take place for the entire installations. In both aspects, even in the case of the default navigation app being functional on android devices, still, ten billion is a massive number.

It is one among the multiple applications which are assigned as a standard app on your Google assistance which the users have a choice to opt. Yet some gadgets do not propose this app, as regular ones but it makes no difference to its popularity and adaptability.

Furthermore, Google maps have made extensive advancements over the prior years such as live augmented reality navigation, an exclusive dark mode, real-time public details, including the latest addition of pocket-friendly routing features. This remarkable acquiescence make it users favorite navigation app. Additionally, the trait of being costless, neither for installation nor for functioning, makes it accessible for users of every class.

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