Google to test sending videos for MMS through Google Photos as shown in the BETA preview

Google, is a name which is well renowned throughout the globe and why shouldn’t it be. The company has worked hard for years to reach the position it is at today and now own multiple services and software’s under its name.

With owning so many products in the world of tech, one thing Google is quite focused on is providing their users with updates so that they are given the best of features and Google remains on the top in the tech race.

This time too, as per 9to5G, Google has some new update in store for us. Google Messages 10.4 beta update preview shows that Google is introducing a Google Photos concept in its Google Messages version. What is it and what will it do? Let us find out.

From what information Google has given out to the world, is that they have introduced a new Google Photos option in Google Messages which will help users in sharing pictures and videos with sharper clarity. From what we have gathered with this information is that users will be able to send pictures and videos directly through the Google Photos instead of the MMS or SMS. Once the user sends an image or video the receiver will get a link informing them about the received data.

However, while this update and feature has not made its way even in the beta version yet, we are not sure whether or not the received video will be played in the Messaging app or it will lead them to the Google Photos once the image is opened. The privacy and security questions also arise like, videos which will be sent or received through Photos will have a sharing tab, and if it does, will permission to share will be requested or not.

Google MMS qualities are generally poor and with the new RCS adoption the future of images sent over messages seems promising. If the security and sharing questions which have risen are well managed, we are sure that the images sent over Photos for MMS will be a big hit.

However, we are not sure when this feature will make its way to the public, considering it only has been announced for beta and hasn’t even been launched there. There are chances that it may never make it to the public because a lot of times, companies do not move forward with their ideas after they test in BETA version. Let’s see what happens.

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