Twitter users just when thought that they will get access to an undo button, are yet again left stranded

If you are a Twitter user, you will know that though the app is a great place for people or rant or express themselves within a given number of characters, the company hasn’t given much attention to its features and tools for some time now.

Twitter has millions of users who tweet on the platform every day, but one tiny typo error in a very good tweet which is realized later cannot be edited. Why is that? Well, because Twitter doesn’t offer any edit button to its basic users. The tweet will have to be deleted off completely in order to remove the error, and if by that time it has gotten many likes and re-shares, who would want to do that?

Apart from this, Twitter introduced its threads feature as a continuation of their tweets further. However, the threads are pretty misaligned and messy.

Twitter users have been demanding basic access to better feature for the longest time. Twitter then announced that it will be introducing an undo Tweet button, which though wasn’t an edit feature, but it was still some step nonetheless, all hopes went shattered soon.

Why is that? Well this is because Twitter soon announced that it will be launching such features for only Twitter Blue users. Twitter Blue is Twitter’s paid subscription which will charge users 2.99 dollars monthly once subscribed.

Apart from this, Twitter also has said to launch a better way to read threaded tweets through a new feature called ‘Reader’ more which yet again is introduced only in the subscribed version.

This seems a little absurd. While other features on subscription version which support journalism or news and give access to new features early to paid users seems fine, the limitations of reader mode and Undo tweets being used on only subscription mode seems unfair.

This is because users on Twitter for the longest time have been demanded these features, which considering the working of the application, seem like two of the most basic versions. However, these features being limited to only a small portion of users shows that Twitter isn’t introducing it for a better experience or a more ‘frictionless’ approach on the app as it claims, but rather to cash off users.

Getting a mere reader mode and undo button which should have been there along with an edited button are the basic rights of any user on the app and one shouldn’t be charged 36 dollars annually for it.

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