Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook Messenger: These Are the Most Frustrating Social Media, Streaming And Communication Apps to Use

Apps are meant to make our lives easier at the very least to a certain extent, so having to use any kind of app that leaves you even the least bit frustrated would be something that you would get immensely annoyed by. With all of that having been said and now out of the way, it is important to note that there is a pretty easy way to determine which apps are making users feel frustrated on a more or less regular basis, and doing so essentially involves reading how many stressed reviews any app might have ended up receiving.

An analysis conducted by Higher Visibility looked at app reviews to figure out which ones users were finding the most frustrating because of the fact that this is the sort of thing that could potentially end up shedding a light on issues within these apps thereby hopefully making it so that they can be rectified as quickly as possible. This analysis revealed that Snapchat is actually the single most frustrating app for anyone to end up using.

That’s surprising when you consider Snapchat’s immense popularity, but the thing to bear in mind here is that while the service that Snapchat provides appears to be just what people tend to prefer, the app through which they can end up acquiring this service just doesn’t appear to be up to the mark. Instagram doesn’t do too well here either, with about 83.67% of its reviews revealing some kind of user frustration which is not far behind the 90.63% that Snapchat appears to be working with.

The Most Stress-inducing Social Media Apps in the World

A lot of the problems that users are facing on Snapchat come from technical issues with all things having been considered and taken into account. The thing to note here is that these technical issues have not always been a part of the platform. Much on the contrary, they came about due to the reason that Snapchat is trying to compete with TikTok which is the sort of thing that was never going to be all that easy for them to do in any significant manner at all, and it might be costing them the support of their loyal customers.

Streaming apps tend to have relatively high frustration levels among their users as well, with Hulu apparently being the worst offender in this regard. Hulu’s 86.16% of stressed reviews means that the vast majority of its users are currently frustrated with how the app tends to work, and only Spotify and Netflix, both of which got a comparable 81.78% and 80.46% respectively, had more than 80% in this analysis.

The Most Stress-inducing Video Streaming Apps in the World

The best performing streaming platform actually turned out to be YouTube because it only had 36.36% stress reviews. This is an astonishingly good performance when you consider that every single other streaming platform had over 65% of its reviews describing some kind of flaw in functionality.

Communication apps tend to do relatively well when it comes to assuaging user frustrations and the like, with the exception of Messenger. Messenger’s 79.45% is by far the highest proportion of stress reviews that any communications app has gotten, with Telegram’s 64.99% making it a distant second in this regard. Surprisingly, the least stress inducing app is actually Skype which got 20% proportion of stress reviews.

These apps need to start improving things in a lot of areas before people would start trusting them to any extent at all. It’s just not reasonable for these apps to provide these services without optimizing things at the very least to a certain extent. A stressful experience is going to result in a lot of users abandoning these apps because they might just think that avoiding them entirely would end up being the less stressful option for them all in all.

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