Twitter to form a team which will put in efforts related to establishing Crypto as an important mean online

Cryptocurrency, while was not at hype a few years back, its value has increased drastically over the year: both in money and its acknowledgement by the people. What was worth a few hundred dollars previously can now be bought off in millions, and this shows how Crypto is impacting digital currency and changing the outlook of the money we are generally used to.

Considering how massively its worth has increased, it is obvious that social media and tech firms will also initiate or put in efforts towards it. Twitter was not far behind.

The company has now formed a Crypto team which will be dedicated towards the strategy and future f crypto at Twitter. The Crypto team at Twitter is called ‘Twitter Crypto’ and will be led by Tess Rinearson who will soon be joining Twitter.

Tess Rinearson, is not someone new to the digital currency and crypto world. Considering she has worked for some fine companies like Interchain, Tendermint etc. she definitely was a fine choice by Twitter. Tess will report to CTO Parag Agrawal, who will guide her further.

According to the current status at Twitter and how they plan to work with Crypto, the company will want Tess to work on three main dynamics. The primary area of interest by Twitter happen to be crypto, block chains, and other decentralized technologies.

Twitter wants Tess to first look into how the company can make Crypto beneficial for creators and if they can form it as a means of creators getting paid. Followed by block chain technologies, through which Twitter wants to be a mean for creators to earn a good revenue and amount. The company will also be working on decentralizing social media and several other barriers which haven’t been pushed yet. Twitter has high hopes in their new initiative and with Tess Rinearson joining on board, they are pretty positive of the outcomes.

However, this is not the first time that Twitter has worked on something related to digital currencies. The tech firm started to let users send and receive tips in the form of Bitcoins. Apart from this, the CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, has always been fond of Crypto and has implemented several initiatives related to it in another company which he owns.

While many may still not sit well with the digital currency and how it works, what can’t be ignored is the evolvement it has seen. From being merely nothing to having such a high value, it definitely holds something which goes unnoticed by an ordinary working man. Let’s see how well the new initiative works for Twitter and what other digital currencies ad their impacts to we see in the times to come.

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