Twitter Pleases Web Users By Giving A New Update To Allow Better Image Posting/Viewing

Twitter has been at the forefront of development in the communications and news industry ranging from individual users to large multinational and multifaceted organizations utilizing the massive user database and interactive platform that it provides to avail the best of the consumer side and the producer side. With multiple devices and operating systems being catered to with full force and accessibility, Twitter has been capitalizing on its increasing popularity with new updates and recently tapping over at the most important time with the Facebook outages and its subsidiaries providing additional users and clout to the users and headquarters of Twitter, convincing their stock holders that the company is still under good care and exceeding its own limits and expectations every chance it gets.

The feature that is being rolled out to the web version of Twitter is something that the users have been expecting for a long time since the android and iOS users have been allowed the opportunity to see what their followers would be able to see what they post a picture whereas the users on the web just see a random cropping algorithm crop there picture and their followers have to click on the photo to open and see completely what is happening. This is something that has haunted the web users of Twitter for a long time and now Twitter has finally decided to lift their horrors by removing the algorithm that has been cropping their photos and now despite any device that is being used to post the photo, the photo will be the same and will be covering its entirety of the intended target audience with all of its information being displayed in the center and clearly.

However, the 6 months that it took the Twitter Research and Development department from the May release of the function to Android and iOS to the web release of the function on the 11th of November had the users suffer quite a lot as the cropping algorithm cut the important notes on their images causing troubles with the followers and remarks on the credibility of certain websites.

The feature allows for the creators to have the same image as they can see in the Tweet composer and gives assurance that there would be no more difficulties for the creators in delivering their message as Twitter made none with the support they showed to their web users.

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