Twitter Is Working On Improving Its Communities Feature, Here's What You'll Be Able To Do With Them In The Upcoming Updates

Already started testing from 9th of November, on iOS and Web, Communities by Twitter is currently not available for Android. However, the micro-blogging platform is planning to work on that as well, along with ranked timeline and request to join for its groups.

On the other hand, as per Alessandro Paluzzi, the platform is working on the ability to create a Community right from the web, which is indeed a good feature for PC lovers..

The Company believes that some conversations are better to be held among those who talk and Tweet like you. By joining a community it will be easy for you to find, have access to, and directly Tweet to that group where people Tweet like you. To keep the conversation as relevant and intimate as possible, Twitter only allows the common community members to reply and join.

For people who like socializing at a wider pace, the community pages and timelines are always publicly available for them; to read, Quote, and report any Community Tweets.

It is all up to the community creators to moderate, pick, choose and create the community rules. While inviting people who can match their vibe, the group moderators can also permit them to bring changes to the rules of the community, so that things are always on track and focused. Currently, the community creation is only limited to some people, However, in the coming time, everyone will be allowed to talk about their thing, says Twitter’s official blog post.

Following are the few popular topics Twitter is currently allowing users to start a conversation in their communities: Dogs, Skincare, Weather, Sneakers, and Astrology.

The company is soon to discover more thriving ways to discover and join communities, but right now, a group moderator or another member is supposed to invite you to the conversation.

To make the conversations as healthy as possible, Twitter allows everyone, even those who are not the community members, to have a look at what’s being discussed in the community. Also, all the members need to follow Twitter Rules. If you are not among the members and observe a violation of Twitter Rules, you can report at any time.

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