Apple is buying search ads for many App Store applications, without developers consent

Apple, one of the leading tech giants in the world, is playing fair with its users in a lot of aspects. However, the company can sometimes show some slight twists and sly actions when it comes to its developers. For long Apple has been charging app developers a 30 percent commission of the revenue they make from their applications on App Store. While many thought this was unfair, Apple has hopped on another very sly action which app developers are fed of yet again.

Apple, as per Forbes, is now buying Google ads for many applications which are present on the App Store. What you may think is that, Apple though is spending money on advertisements from its own pocket, so, isn’t it good for the developers as it brings in new users as well as more revenue to that particular application?

Well, its only users and people outside the developing world who think like this, the developers right now, however, are really pissed and not liking this particular action by Apple.

The reason for this is because firstly Apple hasn’t taken consent from the developers to advertise their applications, which clearly is unethical and against all codes and morals Apple and a business world stands on. Apart from that, even when developers want to remove these apps, they can’t because Apple has bought them off Google and hence Google won’t remove them, on any third party request.

Apart from that, many app developers decide their ads based on their customers and the statics on how likely they are to respond to the particular advertisements. Apple doesn’t put up ads on the basis of customer worth, and if the worth is below 30 percent, let’s just say the developer will itself not make any profit. Plus, it can be cumbersome and heavy on the pockets of some developers who want to run their own ad campaigns latter, as Apple has already set the Ads bidding bar on the higher level.

Apart from this, Apple is linking the advertisements straight to the App Store which means the company in return will make more profit.

This is not all, changes in subscriptions and many other features have also been made, because of which Apple will profit off more and more.

All this is naturally Apple’s way of earning more revenue from each developer considering how this year it was made to reduce its commission prices for many apps and also it had to allow third party app payments in South Korea.

This is really wrong on Apple’s part and considering it is one of the leading mobile and tech firms in the world, we didn’t really expect this from it.

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