Phubbing! The term may be new but there are chances that you are one of them too

The word of the day is Phubber. There are high chances you may not be aware of its meaning, but we are definitely sure you might have been one in many situations.

Let’s start with what a phubber is. The term is basically used for people who use their phones while talking or socializing with people in their surroundings and in most cases people in front of them directly talking to you.

An online solitaire service, called Solitaired surveyed around 1098 Americans on the fact that whether or not people have looked into their phones while talking to someone or have faced similar situations where the person they were talking to kept looking at their phones. 98 percent stated that they actually have encountered such situations, so if you think you are alone on the boat, you are not.

On several questions that were asked in the survey, one was that who has phubbed people the most, and we don’t know if it should come out as a shock or not but the top highest percentage which was 28 percent claimed to have been phubbed by their significant others and 47 percent stated that their significant others do this almost every day.

However, from what we believe that this is the first name that will come to your mind considering one spends the whole day with them. Significant others were followed by best friends phubbing you on second most, followed by mom, brothers, sisters, child and the most least likely to phub you on the list was your dad followed by your boss.

However, sometimes, this Phubbing may be unintentional, but in many cases people do use their phones intentionally to avoid interacting with people. In the list 66 percent of people stated that they used their phones to avoid talking to certain members of the family and 71 percent had claimed to use their phones on the Thanks Giving Table.

While these are human interaction avoidance, people also phub while doing other chores as well. This is out of boredom according to studies and survey, but have we ever stopped and wondered that it may because of the control our phones and social media have over our life and how we have become addicted.

99 percent people claimed to have used phones while watching TV, 98 percent stated to have used it while waiting in line, followed by other tasks like, using phone while out on a walk, at the beach, in between a virtual meeting, etc.

So what do people do when they use their phone while phubbing. Well, they go to social sites obviously. The most visited site while phubbing according to the survey was TikTok, followed by Instagram Reddit, Twitter and lastly Facebook.

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