Twitter Is Removing Automatic Reloading From The Web, And Is Introducing Top Articles For iOS Twitter Blue Users

Twitter is updating its platform in order to ensure that users reload tweets when they choose to. In other news, Twitter Blue’s Top Articles have finally made it to the iOS version of the platform.

Automatic reloading is perhaps one of the most annoying aspects of the smartphone experience. One second you’re out of the internet, but it’s fine because your tweets are still loaded, allowing you to scroll through them at your leisure. Next thing you know, the Wi-Fi suddenly comes back on, the page automatically reloads and presto! Your timeline’s refreshed, the tweets are lost, have fun trying to find them again, and good day to you, sir. It’s an experience that most users would very willingly wish to opt out of. If Instagram and Facebook have the decency to not automatically refresh one’s timelines at the drop of a hat (even if they very much used to), then what’s up with Twitter? Luckily, Devs seemed to come to the same conclusion. Better yet, they also decided to do something about it.

Twitter’s Devs have updated the platform’s web capabilities in such a manner that disappearing tweets are no longer a prevalent issue. The microblogging platform now keeps all of your microblogs safe, as automatic timeline refreshes no longer occur. Of course, one can still refresh their timeline, especially if they’ve run out of offline content to read, but this decision is now made of their own volition and not the whims of AI that seems to be more A than I. I jest, of course, and hope that the eventual AI overlords don’t specifically take offense to this joke. At any rate, Twitter Support made the update official via a tweet. Best part? The tweet can be re-read at one’ convenience because it will no longer disappear unless specifically called for.

Does anyone remember Scroll? Twitter fans and tech savvy individuals might. It’s another name in the endless list of companies and startups that have been acquired, rearranged, and then assimilated into the microblogging platform. Scroll, specifically, was acquired due to its Nuzzel platform. Naturally, with almost every acquisition by Twitter, Nuzzel was eventually shut down, it’s team was disseminated amongst Twitter’s own Devs, and now they’re released the new Top Articles feature! Yep, Twitter essentially repurposed Nuzzel in order to create its own version of Google Chrome’s newsfeed. Which is nice and all, sure. I just don’t know how users will feel about yet another feature being paywalled by Twitter Blue.

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