When on a FaceTime call with SharePlay, TikTok for iOS adds the ‘For Us’ page to show off what you are doing and who is viewing it

iOS 15 has been out for a little while now and it's packed full of new features that will change the way you use your iPhone forever! One feature in particular, SharePlay - lets users listen to songs or watch TV shows through FaceTime without having group chat audio go silent during busy times. This means no more badminton between friends because they were talking too much - just let them know if something else comes up by tapping on their screen with two fingers held down (or keep scrolling).

SharePlay is a great way to make FaceTime calls more fun and creative. One application brings an especially unique element when using Shareplay on video chat sessions: TikTok's new "For Us" page instead of what usually shows up as 'for you'. As seen by Twitter user Aether Aurelia who spotted this during a conversation!

The best part of using ForUs for me was seeing all my friends reactions when they saw their favorite videos popping up in front of them, like some kind if magic trick done by simply tapping one hand against another!

In the age of social media, videos have become a popular form for people to share their thoughts. It's not just about sharing content anymore; it’s also an opportunity to connect with others in new ways that were never before possible! One way you can make your TikTok life more enjoyable is by watching videos together from anywhere at anytime- which means no awkward pickup lines or missed connections ever again

In this day and age where everyone is constantly communicating online via different platforms such as Facebook groups chat applications like WhatsApp etc. Apple has been on a mission to make life easier, and one way they've done that is with FaceTime. In 2011 during WWDC21 conference call for developers it was announced that their newest update would add the ability of gathering people from different locations over video chat settings so you can share music together or watch movies without having multiple screens open at once!
With iOS 15.1 installed on your iPhone or iPad, you will be able to play videos from TikTok and other apps seamlessly with friends via FaceTime! To do so, start a conversation running that version of the software as well before following these steps:

When connected through Shareplay in either chat room type out "Share." Once clicked it should prompt for permission which allow its use within different messaging platforms such as WhatsApp by asking if user wants their video(s) shared publicly (Public), privately between selected contacts only (Personal), etc.. If all goes according too plan then we'll see exactly what they're talking about--however there may still need some additional settings made once viewing individual's profile page

Make one video worth up-to 10 people watching through their own device - only friends who are also using iOS15 should see what's happening live when they watch yours go online; make another call out by choosing "Public" so everyone will know where things stand . It takes about 3 minutes per person but once completed have fun being famous overnight while still getting some sleep during this.

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