Twitter hops on the live stream bandwagon and has collaborated with Walmart to do a live shopping event this Sunday

Twitter is taking eCommerce to a new level. With the world, already pretty much accustomed to online shopping because of the pandemic, Twitter decided to give this approach a new step and give the world a new way to shop, which possibly might change the outlook of how we shopping currently.

The blue bird is going all out and is hosting its first ever online shopping live stream, this coming Sunday. On the 28th of November, at 7PM ET, the social network in collaboration with Walmart will be hosting a live shopping event.

The event is called 'Cyber Deals Sunday' and is happening on a perfectly scheduled time. Post-thanksgiving week, when a lot of brands offer sales.

The event will be streamed live and will go on for about 30 minutes. One of the most renowned singer and songwriter, Jason Durelo will be hosting the event. The online shopping live stream will include anything and everything from home goods to electoral appliances, festive items because holiday season duh! and some surprise gifts along with a lot of other stuff as well.

However, while Twitter has become a part of this trend, the tech firm isn't the first one to hop on the bandwagon. Quite recently, Facebook introduced a Live shopping for creators’ option, Pinterest came out with Pinterest TV and YouTube launched its own streaming and shopping feature for users to benefit from.

A report also concluded the fact that Gen Z also likes this trend more and is responding towards it increasingly compared to the usual e-commerce.

According to Twitter, they will be hosting the event in a split screen containing the live stream, the online catalog. Users when want to see a product shown in the video can visit the link provided however, the stream will still be operable in picture and picture mode while they scroll the website.

According to Twitter this is only a test version or am initial stage for them in live stream shopping. The company believes that it for sure will expand it further, but when will it, is something they haven't planned about. However, one thing they are sure is that the initial live stream features will showcase only brands and not Twitter users as of now.

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