TikTok To Enter Gaming, Releases a Game In Collaboration With Zynga

Zynga, a social game publisher, has found a fantastic partner to collaborate on its new project: “Disco Loco.” On Monday, Zynga announced that this new 3D disco loco game will be exclusively available on TikTok and is the first HTML 5 game to appear on the service. The mobile game giant also reported recording Q3 revenue, which has gained a boost of 40 percent over the same period the last year.

Initially, in its soft launch stage, Disco Loco 3D is a music and dance challenge game. The gaming company failed to reveal details of when the game will roll out, however in its previous press release- it stated that the details of the launching would be available on their website.

The endless runner catwalk game permits the users to turn on a ‘multiplayer mode’ that allows them to invite friends and fans to the challenge. As the player advances, the funk music in the background keeps fastening. The target of the user is to collect as many medallions as he can before the catwalk comes to an end. By opting for “Fever Mode,” the users can utilize the previously collected dance moves to swipe away the objects approaching them.

Sharing his excitement about the game, the President of Publishing at Zynga Bernard Kim said that the company saw a massive opportunity in broadening its audience through TikTok’s large user base. He continued: we are glad to announce the first HTML5 game debut on TikTok’s platform. HTML5 based mobile gaming is increasingly becoming popular among game studios because it helps them target a large audience. This is because this type of game development helps those users with low data plans and not having access to high-end mobiles enter the world of gaming.

Kim identified that the company has a rich record of specializing in inventing games based on the platform’s unique user experience. Fun and fresh concepts with a punch of entertainment are what the game will revolve around, claimed the President of Publishing. It is not the first time Zynga is collaborating with a social media platform but also released a game in collaboration with Snapchat.

The video-making Chinese Company, TikTok, said that the game is designed to know the interest and opinions of the general public on it introducing games to the App.

Just like TikTok, Facebook also debuted cloud gaming last year by rolling out a game on Android and now iOS too. Netflix is no exception: believing that the games are just another source of entertainment, it launched its gaming services, now available for Android and iOS users worldwide.

This is not TikTok’s first game, earlier this year, the company launched its own game named “Garden of Good.” The game focuses on fundraising for charity and was developed in partnership with a non-profit American Company.

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