Meta Platforms Coming Up With A Meta Project: Microsoft And Meta To Integrate For Work Apps

Meta, Formerly known as Facebook, and Microsoft announced a partnership to integrate access and engagement for the workplace and teams. Now known as Meta workplace, the users of the workplace of Facebook can comment and react to what will be posted inside Microsoft’s Teams, while the users of Microsoft can do the same at Facebook.

Meta’s head of workplace, Ujjwal Singh reported to CNBC that Vodafone Group plc (VOD) and Accenture plc (ACN) approached the company of the latter app for integration.

Although the partnership is expected to benefit both the technological giants, Microsoft boasts a bigger user base among the two products. Both Companies have different target audiences. Meta’s workplace, which rolled out in October of 2016 is a wide network that works on imitating the company’s consumer applications. Whereas Microsoft promotes video conferencing.

Applications like OneDrive, the Microsoft 365 suite, and SharePoint are already integrated by Workplace. Interestingly, Microsoft also offers its competitors in its workplace. This company is known as Yammer and functions similarly to Facebook.

Microsoft’s head of 365 collaboration, Jeff Teper, told the Verge that he has learned by heart that there are going to be several and ongoing communication tools in this world. Jeff believes that integration is up to responsible vendors workers who shift between tools to integrate.

During the Pandemic, Microsoft Teams’ growth skyrocketed, at the end of last year, daily active users (DAUs) crossed 145 million. Whereas, Microsoft fixed it at $6.8 billion in the same year. Workplace at Meta is no exception: reported 7 Million paid subscribers in May this year. The company in the latest quarter earned $ 734 million in revenue, which was 2.5 % of its total revenue. By late 2016, when Facebook launched the workplace, both companies were considered hefty rivals.

Workspace claims that its competitors were already been trialing the integration, which includes big companies like Vodafone, Flight Centre Travel Group, and Lockton. Flight center travel group consumes workplace for cross-company collaboration. Also, it says that the company allows the workers to access the required information instantly.

As the meta companies join hands for a meta-project, it broadens their market share. Now available for download, the integration comes with a free update. Nonetheless, for streaming and broadcasting from Teams into Workplace, customers will still have to wait till late 2022.

Over the past 18 months, collaboration technology has become increasingly popular for the sake of work and education and this is the area where both the partnering competitors compete with Google, Slack, and Zoom. The partnership of both the giants will prove to be competitive against rivals.

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