TikTok is now functional on Amazon Fire TV, in the US and Canada

Amazon on Monday announced that short-video hosting app, TikTok is presently accessible exclusively on the brand's Fire TV devices for now in Canada and USA.

Alexa will now follow your command to play TikTok videos. The company announced this news via a blog post, stating that Fire TV users will now have access to TikTok videos in their lounges on their big screens.

Daniel Rausch, Vice President to Amazon entertainment devices and services let out, TikTok is his household staple, it is stirring that the whole family can relish their time watching their favorite entertainment app together.

He further asserts that they are eager to listen to their customers directing the app to play crazy and fun-loaded content on their large tv screens without opting their hands, just by appointing Alexa.

What one is urged to do, is to first, download the TikTok app via the Fire TV app store, then either sign in, if already acquires an account or create a new account. Consequently, will be eligible to enter its 'for you', and the 'following feed', including all the trending videos, furthermore, will enable autoplay.

The autoplay option will propose a continuous never-ending content feed consecutively, with no intervals.

One can moreover regulate videos employing their voice or with the Alexa voice remote, and does not require to pick up a remote controller to shift channels, just give an audible command.

One needs to command Alexa, to open the TikTok app, and can cheerfully enjoy watching the content he likes.

Alexa will also identify 'play' and 'pause' directions and commands, the press release disclosed.

This expansion in the Amazon Fire Tv, enables the users to enjoy quality time together with their families.

The company further uncovered that this feature will shortly be introduced to echo show devices.

And presently, TikTok is accessible now on all Fire TV devices in the U.S. and Canada.

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