Ready Player One Coming To Life As The Metaverse Works On A Skin

Facebook was recently rebranded as Meta as Mark Zuckerberg initiated the launch of the Metaverse from a live feature over Facebook. Across the keynote speech revolved around Facebook’s rebranding, the working on Oculus’s quest, and the Metaverse heavily revolved around the fruition of the Research and Development department leading to several new features being launched and the ability of Metaverse being explored to its fullest.

The result that captured the eyes and attention of the users the most was the new skin produced in collaboration between the team of Meta and Carnegie Mellon University called ReSkin. A product of the new material that connects plastic with touch sensors to create a new body suit that reflects as a thin robotic covering over as many sensors and movements of the body furthering the prospect of entire body covers and movement recognition through and through. This would allow not just the VR to be goggles but extended to the entire body allowing humans to be present in an alternate dimension.

What further adds on to the success of the new product, ReSkin, is the cheap availability and creation of the product. Furthered by the magnetic forces that it creates, it allows the sensors to report the movement towards an Artificial Intelligence. With the teams collaborating, the Artificial Intelligence was worked up with over 100 users to have the right collaboration and extension of the body movement.

Mark Zuckerberg in a Facebook post indicate that this just might be the final step towards the first working of the entire metaverse launching for the global population seems more inspiring and might be sooner rather than later.

The reports are at this moment under peer review, and would soon be published to the world. The research scientist, Abhinav Gupta at Meta, took to the media and published the statement that this is similar to how humans learn new things and that is always being upgraded in terms of the pixels in the human technology that respond to touch, smell, and all other senses. He further explained that there is a great advancement about to happen with this technology. The new scope being of ReSkin allows the user to have reactions of around 0.1 newtons and movements from objects near 1mm.

With all tech companies boosting the new development provided by virtual technology and augmented reality, there are new and improved functions for the users to have more of the Metaverse in the coming time.

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