The Clubhouse is now letting creators grow with its Replays feature

Making it easier for the hosts to record conversations for listening later, Clubhouse, a few months earlier, announced the introduction of a new feature. It allows the creators to increase the lifespan of their conversation by downloading and sharing it.

Before the new feature was announced, all the audio chats were live and disappeared after they were viewed. Replay now lets hosts record the audio chat and even save it to the Club or their Profile. Just in case someone wants to use the audios for podcasts or a soundtrack for their TikTok videos, they can also be downloaded and shared externally.

The Company’s blog says that Replays make it easier for creators to grow by creating amazing audio content and getting discovered. Moreover, the feature also supports pinned links, which allow the moderators to link out to different sites during a conversation. The links remain available to the ones who listen to the recordings later on.

This outclass feature is most helpful for the ones who can’t make up for a live audio event. Just like Whatsapp, the audios placed in the recorded room can also be skipped, listened to 1.5x or 2x speed, and paused to create a recording no longer than 30 seconds. Whether to enable the Replay option or not- it's up to the users. If the users choose to turn on this feature, the recorder audios will be discoverable on Clubhouse for as long as they like. The data will also be available for sharing and downloading. The more the content is shared outside the app, the more the audience you have to engage with your content and follow you on App.

Creators can have a check on who's listening to their audios- either recorded or live, which is known as the ‘‘Total room count’’ feature. Replay will pop up next week, in the Clubhouse discovery features, including the search.

Recently, Twitter also added the same for spaces to allow the capacity to expand for the creators which allows them to establish podcasts, share recordings, and start a conversation through audios.

The ability to Replay audio rooms allows Clubhouse to reach more audiences and expand all over the globe. Also, it promises to keep bringing more analytical tools to the app in the future. This new feature will keep the users coming back to the App, hence driving more traffic to it.

Now available on Android and iOS, Clubhouse Replays have started rolling out from the 8th of November. Meanwhile, the company tests and improves the current features- to deliver what it promises, we are excited to experience the recently introduced ones.

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