Alphabet hops on the two trillion market cap list along with Apple and Microsoft this week

Alphabet, Google’s parent company has been souring in great heights. The company has managed to reach exceptional market cap of about 2 trillion with its main working application Google.

Google has been a life saver for so many of us. With its search engine holding the answers for so many of our questions and its other affiliated applications and software’s making our everyday work easy. Considering all this, it was about time the tech firm got its deserved success.

The tech firm held a market capital of about $1.98 trillion, until last week when its cap crosses 2 trillion dollars, this past Monday. The cap share has risen up the charts quite well, with the amount in January 2020 being 1 trillion, and now doubling over in the time frame of over a year.

The current per share close out amount stands at $2,987.03.

Apart from overall capital, the revenue amount has also seen a rapid increase according to the third quarterly report by Google. In the third quarter, Google has made about $65.1 billion. According to the company this is an almost 41 percent increase in their quarterly revenue with their profit margin increasing by 69 percent! The tech firm also saw a rise in revenue and profit last quarter and concluding from this, things for sure look good for Google.

Alphabet, now officially stands among the three top US companies who have a market capital of 2 trillion. Apple joined the bandwagon first, in last April, followed by Microsoft in June and now Alphabet has joined the team as well.

The question though arises, that what were the factors which led Google to earn and reach such a great market capitol.

Well, we all know that during this pandemic, the demand of technology with good features and software’s have massively increased. Google excels in this fort. The company not only has the leading search engine in the world, but also owns many other work and educational related applications, along with Google drive and other storage forms. Along with revenues earned from the use of such great apps and software’s, Google also took advantage from storage subscriptions and online advertisements which are played on its apps.

It is great to see Alphabet high up on the chart. The company owns some of the world’s most renowned applications which have been used and taken advantage of by many users in both work and entertainment category. It was about time, it received its well-deserved success.

Igor Golovniov/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images
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