Facebook's survey reveals shocking results on people’s knowledge about climate change throughout the globe

Climate change is real and with the passing time its occurrence is becoming more and more evident. While the world is concerned about climate change and whole session also sat in Glasgow to discuss its arising effects and how to overcome them, Facebook got caught up in the discussion.

The tech firm was accused of not combating misinformation related to climate change on its platform and the statistics showed that the misinformation related to climate change had increased by 77 percent since last year.

However, Facebook stated it is working towards improving the misinformation part of the issue and currently looks like the tech giant is also working to educate people on climate change.

The suspicion that Facebook is working towards educating people about the severe climate changes our world is facing came when the tech giant started a survey recently. The company took responses from 75K participants from around the globe and inquired them on the knowledge they held about climate change.

From the responses Facebook concluded a lot of different things. Starting off with, Facebook stated that majority of the people from a lot of countries in the world world had basic knowledge about the climate change and the effects it is having on the world. Though the data revealed that most people had at least basic knowledge about climate change, users in some under developed or developing countries had little to no knowledge at all. About a little over quarter people in Nigeria reported to not have heard the term climate change itself.

Some people in countries like Vietnam, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia were in the same boat as well.

The survey reveals that these people considering have no knowledge about climate change then also don't keep its affects in mind. Hence, when they do not take precautionary measures, they do not realize the longer terms affects their actions will have in the world.

The survey also revealed that while under developed countries showed lesser awareness about climate change, the developed countries like UK, US and Canada showed a gap in between gender based survey. Men in developed countries seemed to be more aware about climate change compared to women, but another statistic showed that women compared to men were more concerned about the impacts climate change will have on the world.

The data was collected by Facebook through Facebook app, which means its accuracy might not be 100 percent, but it does show that the world needs education on climate change and the effects it will have if not taken care of immediately.

Facebook is one of the leading platforms in the world and if it uses its sources correctly and starts educating people about climate change, its impacts and how we can slow them down, the world will be a happier and better place for the generations to come.

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