Latest update: YouTube Starts With A New Shorts Playing Feature

The rise of TikTok into the ranks of the most reputed and widely used social media platforms has acclaimed it not just critic applauds but also allowed it to build a user base that could rival and disrupt the plans on social media giants like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and several others. As the fame and reverence of TikTok finally reached a global level gathering more and more users every day biting at the base of the aforementioned social media sites. They decided to introduce similar programs and each came up with their own unique way of marketing and naming what looks like TikTok videos.

Facebook took a chance with its Reels and it extended it to its subsidiary, Instagram as well, the latter gaining more popularity and users. Snapchat reached through with spotlight to allow its users for fun and games in terms of short videos and reached significant response, however, it was YouTube and its YouTube Shorts that took the media by storm as the video sharing giant stepped up its game after years earning credit from not just critics but also amassing almost a billion views daily on the application.

Working on improving the website and allowing for further accessibility of the users is the way that the work moves around at the YouTube headquarters and the most recent of the updates released by the center allows for a certain strategy to get people back into the shorts part of the YouTube once they quit the application on their mobile devices.

The release initiated on the new test that a certain number of users would be subjected to over the month to get an idea of how it interacts and works towards beta testing. The new feature that functions with the idea that if the user is watching a short video and closes the screen to his home screen, per se, closing the application, the next time the application is opened by the user would have the YouTube Shorts home screen launched from start. However, for those that are not a fan of Shorts or did not close the application while watching or surfing the Shorts page, there would be no changes in terms of the home page of the application that opens to them over there.

This new update might be able to put an edge by YouTube Shorts over TikTok and how and when this release hits the mobile devices worldwide and the impact it generates, we’ll be eager to see.

Photo: SOPA Images via Getty Images

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