Google Is Changing Its My Business Services And Webpage To Better Account For Both Large And Small Businesses

Google is changing the name of Google My Business application to Google Business Profile. The app is also planned on being removed entirely by 2022.

Google's aims with the My Business app are, apparently, to compartmentalize as much as possible. Other major Google applications have been axed, with the remnants being incorporated into other features or pre-existing applications. In this case, the Google Business Profile will be integrated into the Search app or Maps interface. The My Business application itself gets a headstone amongst the many others that populate the burgeoning Google Graveyard (never did I think I would ever use the words burgeoning and graveyard within the same sentence). Small business owners are already being encouraged by Google to start managing their profiles from these apps as soon as integration begins.

However, My Business is not just an application; it has an online web version as well, which will also be undergoing a name change. Being renamed the Business Profile Manager, this part of the My Business experience will cater itself to large businesses. Further details on what this change entails have yet to come. However, one can assume that Business Profile Manager will come with it's own slew of features that can be more relevant to all types of businesses.

Along with these name changes, both platforms can also be used to verify one's business. Upon Googling up one's establishment, either Profile can be used to verify the location as belonging to the user in question. All that has to be done is claim the location from Search results, then wait for the business to be verified. After this, both Profiles can be used in order to change one's business hours, address, photos, and other such relevant information.

Much of these updates and interface tweaks have only been announced as of yet. Their implementation is expected to take up to 2022, with current screenshots being seen via A/B beta testing in specific regions.

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