Study Reveals That Half Of All Employers Implementing AI Have Found The Technology To Be Beneficial To The Overall Business

A new report from Unsupervised reveals that half of all business owners that implemented AI during the recent worker shortage found the technology to have been helpful.

The AI revolution is upon us, and most of us are not happy campers. Of course, it looks nothing like the Terminator or Robocop, there are no similarities to draw between current AI and The Matrix. However, as has always been a major concern from the general masses where technology and advancement is involved, there’s always the chance that the next big development could lead to jobs being lost. Does anyone remember knocker uppers? Not since the advent of alarm clocks they don’t. The progress of science and technology, all in the attempts of developing new commodities or automating any and all possible functions, always comes with some sort of jobs being steamrolled over in the process. Then again, IT’s getting a lot of jobs, so it’s kind of a win-lose situation.

Unsupervised is a data analysis and statistics based firm, that amasses relevant information for its clients and generates important insights and results. The company’s study was conducted in the attempts of showing just how useful AI technology really is in today’s landscape of employment. The COVID-19 pandemic struck employers everywhere with a sudden employee shortage. Since many companies that require on-hands working individuals suddenly had none, some solution had to be formed in order to help keep things afloat. However, especially in the USA, even after the pandemic started dying down, jobs were left vacant with many suggesting that the effects of late stage capitalism have tired employees out. At any rate, AI implementation has increased across the board, but has the overall effect been useful and positive? Unsupervised's study suggest so.

520 business owners were surveyed in the study regarding their attitudes concerning AI implementation. 38% of the sample population stated that they had already implemented AI, with half of this group also stating that the technology had proved beneficial to the company at large. The 38% population consisted of 57% business owners being female, 42% being male, and 1% being non-binary. 20% of the entire sample population also stated that AI implementation had increased the company’s overall profitability.

However, 40% of the group also admitted to inexperience with the technology. This clearly means that jobs must be set aside for IT posts, which will then be used in order to maintain and regulate the tech being implemented.
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