Snapchat new Try On AR will make online shopping easier if works out perfectly

One thing which has generally increased during the pandemic and the implemented lockdowns, is the trend for shopping online.

While e-commerce businesses were gradually gaining fame before the pandemic came, its occurrence changed the online industry and its sales pretty quickly.

With the rise in online shopping, social media applications are also trying their best to fit in and come up with great features to live up to the peoples' standards.

While all social networks are doing fairly great, one may be potentially on the leading line. We're talking about Snapchat. While Facebook and Instagram do have shops and businesses who on these platforms sell their goods, Snapchat is also not far behind and with the launch of its new AR tech, things look really good for them.

Snapchat for long has been working in the AR sector, but this update may be a treat for all online shoppers. The company has launched an AR Lens which will help people test out clothes on themselves virtually from various brands. How cool is that!

While currently the feature may be a little off with users looking puffier than normal or the cloth and body alignment not working out properly, Snapchat is working on it for sure to improve it.

The company is working in body mapping quite religiously which in future will allow perfect alignment to try clothes virtually and disable all puffiness issues which are arising. Not only this but a while back Snap collaborated with brands like Farfetch and Prada to test out digital try ons, but the clothing was limited to only upper body wears at that time. Moreover, Snap has acquired a company called FitAnalytics which is a digital sizing company working towards making accurate product matches and collecting data on the user preferences.

These steps show how efficient and thoughtful Snap is in this venture. While Facebook and Instagram are also working on such features, Snapchat is definitely in lead by a big margin.

The pandemic may be over, but the trend for online shopping will remain for a long long time. Features like Snapchat's Try On AR will help users in trying out clothes or other accessories on themselves before they make a buy online. It will save time because users then will not have to rush to malls, when indecisive and try on stuff before buying them.

While in mall shopping does have its own charm, some people do not like it and if Snapchat's Try On AR works well, it is definitely going to be a success.

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