Reddit Is Shutting Down DubSmash, Improving Its Video Editing Tool In The Process

Reddit has announced that it will be shutting down DubSmash for good in 2022, with the latter’s video making tools being integrated into the former.

DubSmash may not have gained a lot of success in the West, with TikTok filling out the lip synching niche just as well, if not better. However, the short form video platform managed to gain quite a lot of success elsewhere, with countries such as India and Germany contributing swaths to the user count. However, even within the USA, DubSmash has its own dedicated community of creators, many of them of black and latinx ethnicities. DubSmash may not have had the biggest of user bases during its 7 year run, but its presence will definitely be missed by those that frequent it.

Reddit’s decision to acquire the platform back in early 2020 was one that was probably driven by the need to diversify in order to expand. With TikTok being a sure money-maker, and other platforms such as YouTube and Instagram emulating it with Shorts and Reels respectively, Reddit probably thought it could pull the same move off by acquiring an already made platform to do all the heavy lifting. The decision wasn’t even all too misguided. While DubSmash doesn’t enjoy the same monthly active users that TikTok does, the platform still has a very respectable following, and much of it was built upon understanding their audience. When DubSmash was on the verge of death back in 2015, it immediately shut down offices, shifted to Brooklyn in the USA, and made changes to its algorithm. Specifically, the algorithm started putting forth content creators that also gained attention across Instagram for their DubSmash videos. As it turns out, many of these individuals were black and latinx, giving both minorities a major boost and a platform to call their own.
Well, that’s all in the past. Currently, Reddit is pulling a Twitter. That is what I call buying a platform out, keeping it running for a few months, then shutting it down and disseminating team members as well as developed tools amongst your own team and projects. While DubSmash is going to bid us all adieu on the 22ndof February, 2022, it’s features will live on within Reddit itself.

Finally, we bid DubSmash farewell, goodnight, and joy. Thank you for all of the memories, and all of the fun.

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