Russian government calls out Apple and other tech firms to open representative offices within the country

Apple is one of the most widely used and top mobile device manufacturer in the world. The company has reached such heights because of its tendency to cater to even the minute problems of its users. However, there is one place where Apple has lacked and it is not providing representative centers in a whole lot of regions.

This was until, Russian government called out the company on it.

Apple and a lot of US tech companies do not have representative offices in several countries. For example, the Apple shop is only present within a few regions of the world. While other companies do have access to the tech company’s devices and products, they do not have an official shop or store to go to, when some problem occurs.

However, Russia is taking a stance on it now. The Russian government has written official notices to tech companies like Apple, Google, Facebook etc. to open representative offices within the country. Failing to do so will lead to ban of the shipment of the main devices and associated products.

The state communication service regulator shared a list on Monday, which enlisted a bunch of companies the Russian government wants to address.

According to Roskomnadzor, companies failing to sit well on this demand will face data collection charges, money transfer restrictions or straight out ban.

So why is Russia demanding this. Well big US tech firms complying to the demands and opening representative offices within the region will improve Russia's stance in the domestic tech sector.

The country representatives are very sure of the demands they've made and want the companies to add Russian software’s in all the devices which will come through the border. The tax cuts and legislative charges have been decided by the government as well.

The government has also demanded from the tech firms to not cross the Russian legislative which simply means any information which harms the Russian government in some way should be avoided.

The demands of the Russian government seem fair and square and they have the right to ask companies operating in their regions to make it official. However, none of the addressed companies have made any remark until now.

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