These are the biggest social media trends marketers should keep in mind in 2022

Social media trends aren’t the only thing which keeps on changing, but the way brands and companies market themselves also happens to evolve with time.

The fact that companies can get so creative and sometimes pretty shady at their competitors with their marketing never ceases to amaze us.

The creativity and hard work that goes behind a brands marketing is always evident and it is also what helps companies and brands to grow.

However, within the past two years with the pandemic occurring a lot has changed. Among such changes, one happens to be marketing strategy and what the audiences like now. With the world coming back to normal, and brands continuing to work with their full potential, Hootsuite has conducted a survey to help them with their marketing strategies.

Hootsuite conducted a survey on 18,100 individuals and how they expect marketing to look like in 2022. Not only individuals, but platform experts and representatives were surveyed as well to figure out what we all should expect in the coming year in terms of marketing.

After summarizing a long survey if 18K+ respondents, the company concluded five main points about the marketing strategy of 2022 in a nifty graphic, feature below.

Brands by marketing online have formed a sort of community which is aware of its work and are both the company and the consumers have become loyal to each other through social media. 77 percent of the individuals in the survey stated that the most important part of the community they are is present online.

Apart from this, marketers are also looking into paid marketing and 51.4 percent of marketers have said that they will increase their paid marketers this year.

The social media now balances a great collaboration between content creators and brands. Brands approach influencers and creators online and ask them to review their products to their following. Doing so the brand and companies receive new customers and a good feedback image too (if the creator like the product).

83 percent marketers said that they will likely get the needed ROI from their social media efforts, which is overall 15 percent more than pervious year. This shows how excited and hopeful digital marketers are from social media channels. 

Social media as we all know is the fort of the newer generation more. So it’s a great place to market products related to them or not even. The survey report showed 53 percent of the young adults between the age of 16 to 24 use social media and they do thorough research before the invest in a brand or product. So good marketing when it comes to them, is a pretty big deal.

Lastly, social media has played a pivotal role in reducing the gap between marketing and customer service. Prior to social media being a great place for sales, it was pretty hard for customers to report a problem with their product. However, now with marketing being online, the companies cater the problems their consumers face online as well. Hence the communication bridge is greatly intact.

With things now back to normal for good hopefully, 2022 will be a flourishing year for business and all brands should keep the key points while planning their marketing strategies to benefit the most.

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