Microsoft announces its plan of creating its own Metaverse, but unlike Facebook this one will be more on the Corporate end

Technology for sure has advanced massively in the past decade, and the coming decade looks promising. Facebook gave out its plans on the launch of a virtual reality space which will be used for socializing. People can move around with their avatars in rather human looking world, go to work, shop, cafes and play with their friend’s colleagues and family through their screens. The idea seems very far stretched in the future right now, but it is not something which is not possible.

With Facebook working on its own Metaverse version, Microsoft decided not to be left behind too. Microsoft has recently announced its own version of Metaverse which they will be working on. This Metaverse will be used as a space where the digital world meets the real world and the real world meets digital life. In short, it is definitely going to be one hell of an experience to have.

However, the difference between Facebook’s Virtual world and Microsoft’s virtual world will be that the Facebook one is based entirely on socializing while Microsoft virtual based reality world is more to the corporate end.

According to Microsoft, this will give a new way to interact and work with colleagues. During the recent pandemic times, when a lot of people stayed at home and worked individually there was no fun and colleague interaction. However, while this Metaverse is still a future aspect it will give a chance to users to interact, sit, and talk with their colleagues despite the distances. It will also help in training of new employees who are working remotely from afar and give them an exposure of how that particular company works.

Apart from this, the Metaverse technology will be highly advanced. According to Microsoft it will be able to mimic a user’s voice to a point of perfection as well as make face to face conversation virtually really easy and even move around freely in an office based setting.

Microsoft for this purpose is collaborating with a virtual giant called Mesh which will help the company achieve its goals towards creating a space which will be reality based but online. The Metaverse while may seem something unachievable now, two of the largest tech firm planning to work on it says that it is not something impossible. The technology has advanced and it still has a long way to go.

From the plans of these two tech firms and several other companies planning on different aspects the world of tech will look very different ten years from now than what we are used to currently.

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